Summer Camp Brenna 2010

Ostatnia aktualizacja 2 czerwca, 2010

10.07 – 18.07.2010

Date: 10.07 – 18.07.2010 ( starts 10.07 with lunch and ends 18.07 with breakfast)
Location: Sports Hall of LKS Beskid, ul. Wyzwolenia
Town: Brenna – a village in the South of Poland


Beginners will learn the traditional sequence of Taijiquan Yang style, basic Taiji Qigong Training, Pushing Hands, Centering and basic applications of Taiji Forms and Taiji Qin Na.  
Advanced students will practise Taiji forms, medium and fast speed Taijiquan sequence, basic and advanced Pushing Hands, Taiji Qin Na, applications of Taiji forms and Pushing Hands, centering, rooting and Jin training.
Equipment needed: wooden blocks for centering training (not obligatory), Taiji ball.
During the Camp tests will take place for 1st, 2nd and 3rd stripes of Taijiquan.
Students will practise and improve:
– Kung Fu techniques,
– applications of Kung Fu forms and Fighting Forms,
– weapons training (staff, sabre, sword),
– basic and advanced sparring training,
– reaction training,
– Jin training.
During the Camp tests will take place for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th  and 7th stripes of Shaolin Kung Fu.
Reaction training and free fight training based on Long Fist techniques, will be held in two groups.
Equipment needed:
Beginners: training gloves, jumping rope, shin protections, helmet, plastrons.
Advanced: training and sparring gloves, jumping rope, shin and groin protections, helmet, plastrons, shields.
Basic Staff:
Shaolin and Taijiquan students will learn basic staff techniques. It will be a continuation of the training from the last Summer camp and seminars. For Taiji students attendance is not required. If, however, someone wants to participate in this class, please indicate it in the registration form.
Equipment needed: wooden staff


Final registration date: 20.06.2010


For Foreigners:
To register for the camp please send us an e-mail to
Your registration will be valid only when you receive a confirmation e-mail.
In case of any problems with registration, contact us to  


All foreigners should pay for the camp until the end of the first arrival day.
You can make the payment in PLN (money exchange available in the reception building) or in EUROS.
Payment for the exams will be accepted in cash during the camp. Do not transfer any money for the exams into our account!
Cost of the Camp: 980 PLN ( 245E )
  • Registration made after the deadline (20.06.2010): 1050 PLN ( 265E )
  • There is an option to pay only for classes (without accommodation and food). In such case, the payment 140E  is also due by the end of the arrival day.