Winter Camp 2012, Brenna Poland

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25.02-2012 (Saturday) – 03.03.2012 (Saturday)

Date: 25 February- 3 March (starts 25th with lunch and ends 3rd with breakfast)
Place: Sports Hall of LKS Beskid Brenna in Brenna
Localization: Brenna – a village in the South of Poland
Payment: 950zł (around 215 euros)
Final registration date: 5.02. 2012
Registration form: LINK

If you register after the final date you will be charged 15 euros. All foreigners should pay for the camp until the end of the first arrival day.
You can make the payment in PLN (money exchange available at the reception building) or in EUROS. You can also pay via on-line payment (credit card) – in this case, send us an e-mail requesting on-line payment and we will send you a link to make the payment.

There is an option to pay only for classes (without accommodation and food). In such case, the payment 115 is also due by the end of the arrival day. In this year you can choose the standard of the hotel. You can either choose the usual hotel which is in the same building as the gym (the Beskid hotel) or the Kotarz hotel which is located on the other side of the road near the gym and which offers you a higher standard (3 meals per day, spa center with no limitations, free parking, billiards and others.

If you want to stay in the Beskid hotel then you pay 215 euros for everything.


If you prefer the Kotarz hotel, then you need to pay 115 euros for the classes and separately for the hotel which is about 35euros (160zł) per night. If you choose this option, please contact us about further details.

Robert Wąs – Kraków, Poland Instructor Shaolin, Instructor Taiji
Pedro Rodrigues – Amadora, Portugal Instructor Shaolin, Instructor Taiji
Victor Casqueiro – Lisbon, Portugal Instructor Shaolin, Assistant Taiji
Zbigniew Panasewicz – London, UK Assistant Shaolin, Assistant Taiji
Jonnathan Chang – California, USA Assistant Shaolin, Assistant Taiji


Taiji/Shaolin Shaolin and Taijiquan students will learn basic staff techniques. It will be a continuation of the training from the last Summer camp and seminars. For Taiji students attendance is not required. If, however, someone wants to participate in this class, please indicate it in the registration form.
Equipment required: wooden staff




Sword Basics – We will learn the basic sword techniques including training with partner and sword sequences (Shaolin and Taiji). This will be the continuation of the training form the International Summer Camp which took place last year also in Brenna.



Taiji (Qigong, sequence and aplications, Taiji ball) will learn the traditional sequence of Taijiquan Yang style, basic Taiji Qigong Training, Pushing Hands, Centering and basic applications of Taiji Forms and Taiji Qin Na.  
Advanced students will practise Taiji forms, medium and fast speed Taijiquan sequence, basic and advanced Pushing Hands, Taiji Qin Na, applications of Taiji forms and Pushing Hands, centering, rooting and Jin training.



Equipment required: Wooden blocks for centering training (not obligatory).
Wooden staff and training belt

Students will practise and improve:
– Kung Fu techniques,
– applications of Kung Fu forms and Fighting Forms,
– weapons training (staff, sabre, sword),
– basic and advanced sparring training,
– reaction training,
– Jin training.


Equipment needed: wooden staff and other weapons.
training gloves, jumping rope, shin protections, helmet, plastrons, shields.
Attention: During all shaolin classes use of training belt is OBLIGATORY !

NOTE ! If you need training staff or sword (wooden) please contact Lukasz:

Staff – chinese white oak. Diameter: 35mm, lenght: 180cm. Hard and springy. Perfect for solo practice and training with partner. Price: 100 zł

Sword – made of ash wood. Hard and springy.Perfect for solo practice and training with partner. Price: 90 zł

Camp schedule:



  • 2x Staff basics
  • 2x Taiji sword basics
  • 4x Taiji – Taiji basics, Qigong, Taiji ball, sequencs and aplications
  • 3x Taiji PD – Taiji Pushing Hands – stationary and in movement, centering, Jin training


  • 2x Staff basics
  • 2x Shaolin sword basics
  • 4x Shaolin – basics, sequences, aplications, sparring
  • 3x Shaolin PB – Partner + Weapons – traning with partner, fighting forms, Shang Xia Zi, Qin Na + Weapons


Termin: 26 LUTEGO- 5 MARCA (26 od obiadu – 5 do śniadania – 7 dni)
Lokalizacja: Ludowy Klub Sportowy BESKID – Hala Sportowa
Miejscowość: Brenna koło Wisły (woj. śląskie, pow. cieszyński)

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