Winter Camp YMAA, Brenna 2016 – English

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27.02-2016 (Saturday) – 05.03.2016 (Saturday) (27.02 at lunch – 5.03 at breakfast – 7 days)

Location:Ludowy Klub Sportowy BESKID – Hala Sportowa, street: Wyzwolenia 71, Brenna, Poland
Town:Brenna (Silesian province, near Cieszyn)


Robert Wąs – Kraków, Poland, YMAA East Europe President, Shaolin master in YMAA, Taiji YMAA instructor

Pedro Rodrigues – Amadora, Portugal, YMAA Portugal President, Shaolin master in YMAA, Taiji YMAA instructor

Victor Casqueiro – Lisbon, Portugal, Shaolin master in YMAA, Taiji instructor

Rafał Szulkowski – Sopot-Gdańsk, Poland, Shaolin Assistant, Taiji Assistant

Bartłomiej Grad – Kraków, Poland, Shaolin Assistant, Taiji Assistant

Special guest:

Amazigh Zenia – Shuai Jiao and Shou Bo instructor, and a world champion and multiple gold medalist in Shou Bo. He trains under the famed Master Yuan Zumou in Paris

Winter Camp YMAA Schedule – Kung Fu, Tai Chi Shuai Jiao – Brenna 2016

The cost of participation (for YMAA members):

Full option (accommodation, meals, all trainings):1390 zł
All trainings (no accommodation, no meals):
850 zł
Selected days (accommodation, meals, trainings):220 zł/day
Selected days (trainings only, no meals, no accommodation):150 zł/day
Payment method:

 Cash on the first day of the camp

Registration deadline:February 10, 2016 (ATTENTION: Registration after deadline : + 100zł) 
Conditions:2, 3 or 4 people rooms with bathroom, TV, Wi-Fi
Hotel Beskid, ul. Wyzwolenia 71, BrennaCanteen – in the same building
 Training hall – in the same building
At a distance of 50m::At a distance of 50m: Recreation and spa center „Kotarz” – swimming pool, sauna, steam room, salt room, aromatherapy, Jacuzzi, massages and others.
In the area:Ski: Brenna Węgierski, Dolina Leśnicy (check conditions via webcam) Pod Starym Groniem, Czantoria, Wisła other.
Notes:The resort has 67 beds.
It is possible to choose the room, unless it’s already taken (first come, first served).
If there are no more rooms left at the guest house, the participants can be accommodated in the adjacent guest house.
 Terms and conditions
NOTE – IMPORTANT!!!After completing and submitting the registration form (REMEMBER to check the box: Send a copy of this message to my email address) you will receive to the specified email address a registration confirmation email. If you do not receive it, please check  your SPAM box. Some antispam filters capture a large portion of mail sent automatically (e.g. Gmail). If you do not find an email with confirmation of your registration, please fill out the form again making sure that you correctly typed your email address or contact us: tel. +48 12 3764860,
The program of the camp: 
Shuai Jiao (4 classes – 12hrs)Introduction to Chinese wrestling. There will be separate groups for Shaolin and Taiji. Classes will be lead by special guest Amazigh Zenia (France). He is a Shuai Jiao and Shou Bo instructor, and a world champion and multiple gold medalist in Shou Bo. He trains under the famed Master Yuan Zumou in Paris
Staff – basics (1 class – 3hrs)White Crane staff. Practitioners will be divided into groups depending on their level. Beginners will learn the basic principles and techniques of the staff. Advanced practitioners will learn basic training with a partner, combat training fighting forms and sparring reaction.
Qin NaQin Na classes are for Shaolin and Taiji practitioners; Qin Na – joint locking techniques
Taiji Sword – basics+sequence (2 classes – 6hrs)The classes include training and improving basic sword techniques with a partner and learning the Taiji sword sequence.
Taiji + PD (Qigong, sequence, applications, Taiji ball qigong, pushing hands, coiling Qigong , streching and strengthening – 5 classes – 15hrsThese classes are dedicated to learning, practicing and perfecting the basics of Taiji, depending on the level of the practitioner. You will learn the Taijiquan Yang style 112-forms sequence. People familiar with the entire sequence will work on forms correction, coordination of breathing, and continued improvement of their Taiji movements. In addition, learning and training applications will be introduced to improve the understanding and perception of various forms.
Qigong (included in Taiji+PD)
Qigong improves the circulation of Qi and blood in the body, calms the mind and helps achieve deep muscle relaxation. Training Taiji ball can serve both relaxation and strengthen the body. By properly adjusting the weight of the ball, one can focus on strengthening the back muscles, chest, arms and legs (heavier ball) or relaxation, coordination of the upper and lower parts of the body, work the chest and spine (lighter ball). Training the Taiji ball also strengthens the circulation of Qi. Coiling Qigong energizes the body and contributes to improving the ability to feel through the skin (called Skin Listening Jin).
Taiji Pushing Hands (included in Taiji+PD)Thanks to the pushing hands and centering training one can develop the ability to sense, respond, concentrate, and specific skills and techniques of neutralization. It deepens understanding of the functioning of one’s body and improves balance and rootedness. We learn which attitudes are beneficial and which should be avoided. Pushing hands is a step further in Taiji training. Strengthening and stretching exercises are aimed at improving overall physical fitness and at eliminating the adverse effects of the loss of body symmetry incurred as a result of our habits or exercise.
Required equipment:Wooden blocks for training centering (optional), a ball for training Qigong, sword, wooden staff
Shaolin (Basics, sequences, applications, target practice, 4 classes – 12hrs)
Basic training Shaolin. Learning and training sequences and their applications. Reaction training. Weapons training – basic training, sword, saber.
Training with partner, fighting forms, Shang Xia Zhi, Qin Na, defense against knife
Shaolin SD (San Da – San Shou, 2 classes – 6hrs)San Shou – free sparring. Required: sparring gloves, coaching mitts (1 set per two practitioners), kicking shields, shin guards, head guard, mouth guard, jump rope.
Required equipment:staff, weapons, coaching mitts (1 set for 2 persons), sparring gloves, kicking shields, shin guards, mouth guard, head guard, wraps.
Notes:It is mandatory to wear a belt in all Shaolin classes!

You can order a training sword (till February 10, 2016). Please send orders to: lukasz(at)                                                           

The swords are made of ash wood, which is tough and resilient, and does not crack or splinter. This makes them perfect for both individual and partner training. Price: 90PLN

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